Yosuke Tanaka is Attorney at Law and Member of Tokyo Bar Association, Japan, and also the main partner in a law office, Tanaka & Partners, LPC.
He is also teaching Japanese Company law and Japanese Financial Services law at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan from 2008, and Japanese Maritime law at Kwansei Gakuin University, Kobe, Japan from 2017, each as a part time lecturer.

He received his Bachelor degrees in Law in 1986 and Master degrees in Law in 1992, both of which were from Waseda University, Tokyo.
He passed Judicial Exam for lawyers in Japan in 1993 and obtained the qualification as Attorney at Law in 1996.
In 2002/2003, he studied laws at Faculty of Laws in University College London, one of colleges in University of London, and obtained LL.M. therefrom in 2003.

He can be reached at ytanaka@tylpc.jp or office@tylpc.jp.

Dr. Takashi AIHARA

Takashi is Attorney at Law and Member of Ehime Bar Association and also Partner, Tanaka & Partners, LPC.
He had been Professor of Commercial Law for more than 30 years. He graduated from Waseda University, Tokyo in 1975. He studied Maritime Law at Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton University in 1991/1993.

In parallel with his career as lawyer and law professor, he has served as Executive Director, Non-Executive Director or Corporate Auditor at several listed companies in Japan. At present, he serves as Non-Executive Director (Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee) at Daiken Corporation.

He can be reached at taihara@tylpc.jp.


TAKADA, Haruhito (Keio University Law School Professor)
TAKADA HARUHITO is Attorney at Law and Member of Tokyo Bar Association, Japan.