Debt Collection in Japan on a Contingency Fee basis
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We undertake debt collection in Japan on a contingency fee basis, or “No Cure, No Pay”. DC JAPAN is the brand name of our debt collection service. We focus on the pre-trial debt collection, as amicably as possible. Since our fee is contingent, you will be required to pay it only when all or part of your claim is successfully collected. In addition, even if debt collection in Japan is not successful, there are still merits in asking us to collect the claims. For example, we can act on your behalf in the procedures of bankruptcy of the debtor. We can issue a Wright-off Statement upon the request of the creditor.

There is no royal road to successful debt collection. Please check our standard procedure of the pre-trial debt collection. In the case of amicable debt collection by negotiation, flexible operations may produce good results. First, we will check why the debtor did not pay on the due date and if it is deemed appropriate, we will propose a reduction or installment payment to the debtor with the prior consent of the creditor. By doing so, it may be possible to recover a large part of the claim earlier, although it is not 100% of the amount.

We are the qualified attorneys (Bengoshi). In Japan only attorneys may collect claims without any restrictions on the types and amounts of claims. Japanese attorneys are prohibited from partnering with anyone who is not an attorney due to the provisions of the Attorney Act. They are also required to verify the identity of creditor-client so that the collection will not be used for money laundering.

Under such circumstances we undertake debt collection in Japan on a contingency fee basis under the following conditions but we do not guarantee success of the debt collection at all.

  1. Identity verification document / Power of attorney
    The general conditions are:
    (1) that creditor-client itself submits us a document to verify its identity and a power of attorney
    Note: The power of attorney may be a set of copies of the power of attorney issued by the creditor-client to its forwarder (such as attorney or collection agent) and the other one issued by the forwarder to us. In this case it is essential that the forwarding is approved by the prior express authorization of the creditor-client and its proof is given to us.
    (2) that creditor-client has all the documents necessary to support the claim, and
    (3) that all the collected money has to be remitted by the debtor to us and, after deducting our fee and others, if any, the remaining money will be transferred to the bank account of the creditor-client itself or the other person/entity designated by the creditor-client
  2. Commission
    The general conditions are:
    (1) that if the debt collection is successful before taking any court procedure, our fee at the agreed rate will be paid, and
    (2) that when moving to the court procedure, our fee will be still contingent, but the advanced payment of court fee will be required
    Note: We will obtain the consent of creditor-client in advance to take any court proceeding.

First of all, please use the free consultation by the inquiry form. We will explain whether or not to undertake the debt collection and detailed conditions if we undertake it.
We welcome inquiries from overseas creditors or forwarders.

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